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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Jelly Roll Quilt. French Braid Quilt. Prairie Braid Quilt. Friendship Braid Quilt.

This double quilt was also made for my friends 50th birthday and was a pattern from French Braid Quilts
by Jane Hardy Miller which is a fab book.(No connection etc blah blah)

I noticed when looking at patterns though that it seems to be also known by other names hence the title although these perhaps have some slight variations.

I made mine choosing all the fabrics specifically as they are my friends favourite colours but as the braids are made up of 2&1/2 inch width strips you could just as well use jelly rolls if the colours suited you.

It has taken months in the making. Started another quilt which is really pretty but on a visit she went bananas over some purple and green fabric so I thought my muted Roses & Chocolate jelly roll wasn't quite going to cut it! I mean, what was I thinking?!

Back to plan f! Decided on what I prefer to call the Friendship Braid pattern. How difficult would it be to find just the right fabrics? Extremely apparently! Some have come from Sew and So's in Bungay, some from Sew Simple in Taverham and the gorgeous flower batik boarder fabric came from 13 The Warehouse in Morecambe!

Anyway, my friend was delighted with it and I have to say that I was too and was really loathe to give it away. Lol.

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