Katherine's Dabblings

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Altered Doll Challenge

Went to a car boot sale and found my Barbie; just ripe for a transformation. I originally wanted a smooth finish to my project, like brushed metal, but that meant she still stood out as a Barbie. Also, all those years of wearing high heels had made her not be able to stand flat so I knew mounting my figurine was going to be tricky.

So the textured look it was. Cut off her and bandaged her all over. Mixed some papier mache with pva and covered her all over. I had a pebble that I'd bought years ago as a tealight holder and I thought that would make a good stand for her. Unfortunately, because of the tippy toes and the generous proportions of her upper half, she would not become stable.

In the end I filled the cavity in the pebble with plaster of paris and stuck her into it but that didn't look right. Mixed some more papier mache and layered it on her and over the pebble to make it look like she's stood on the pebble with her dress draping over it.

Made some wings from copper mesh, outlined with krylon pen and sprayed with Glimmer Mist. And her crowning glory, a halo from copper wire.

I still have an action man to alter too but that will have to wait. But, at least he has flat feet. Lol!