Katherine's Dabblings

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

15th Birthday Card using Tagxedo Word Cloud

15th Birthday Card using Tagxedo Word Cloud inspired by the one on here and using instructions similar to those provided by Just Jimjams here

Now for some reason these didn't exactly work for me so I had to tweak them and after hours and hours, well days actually lol, I finally worked out a way to do it. I also used a different font for this card.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Thank You Using Tagul

Great friend and neighbour gave his time and hard effort free of charge to help put on a new garage roof which saved us an awful lot of money. In exchange all he got was a bacon butty every morning, some lunch and as many brews as he wanted. The job turned out to be so much bigger than anticipated (don't they always?) and took so much longer. So I had a word on the QT with his wife and insisted that he must have something in return so at her suggestion we bought him a beautiful acer and I made this card.

Just goes to show there really are some really special people out there. xx