Katherine's Dabblings

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Art House

After some prompting, I'm updating my blog. Not that I've done anything except this for Heidi's birthday.

I haven't done anything in purely black & white before and was inspired by a drawing I saw somewhere in b&w where it had a half triangular face. Anyway, I used my eyes and lips stamps into fimo which I'd rolled out quite thin with a rolling pin and then trimmed to size with scissors once 'cooked'. Square stamps onto mountboard and covered in deep embossing crystals. Also stamped into more fimo with the squirly stamp and painstakingly coloured alternate black bits. Same applied to top bit but stamped into black fimo and coloured with a white pen. This didn't work so well, hence only the small bit. Lol! Stamped bamboo tiles, a crown, bottle caps, grungeboard smoke, and clay bits and Bob's your uncle.