Katherine's Dabblings

Thursday, 18 November 2010

More Free Motion Stiching

This time on water soluble film.

My lovely friend Julia came round to give me a tutorial and this is my finished first piece.

A grid was drawn onto the water soluble film which was about 4 inches x 4 inches.  The grid was then free motioned stitched with a straight stich.  Stitch setting was then changed to a zig zag and circles worked over the whole grid.

The most important thing about this is that all the circles must at some point connect to each other and the grid otherwise when the water soluble film is dissolved it will not hold together.

This is a picture before being immersed in water.

This is a picture after.

Now I know it's not brilliant but I am chuffed with my first effort.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Japanese Bookbinding Wedding Album

I saw a tutorial on Youtube about Japanese bookbinding and fancied having a go.  And seeing as though there is a wedding due I thought I'd make it for the happy couple to use as a guest book or an album for some fun photos.

The pages inside are alternate vellum and lovely quality paper.

The basic cover is mountboard covered in a cotton material.   The front is decorated with painted tyvek, ironed and then stitched.  The heart is two pieces painted tyvek with wadding inbetween and sewn.  There is also some embossing on it but couldn't go mad with it without the tyvek shrinking.  An air dry clay heart in the centre.

The back is the free motion stitched piece in the last post.

The invitation had a flower on it made out of ribbon so I thought it would be a nice touch to reuse it on their album so unravalled it, ironed it and then threaded through the holes.  Voila!