Katherine's Dabblings

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Strip Twist Quilt

Had a few lovely days away recently in sunny north lancashire visiting family. We all had a walk round beautiful Warton Crag

but managed to get lost. Didn't realise there were so many paths! Lol.

Had bought a Moda Sunrise Sunset batik jelly roll eons ago but was never actually that keen on it. Anyway, decided to do something with it which was the Strip Twist pattern. Only, I didn't read the instructions properly and cut mine incorrectly and instead of getting the twist effect, I just got more squares. I think I should have turned over some of the fabric to get opposite cuts but hey ho!

I decided to sash the squares to disguise the error and so began the trail to find the right batik to fit in. Because I'd left it so long I could no longer get the matching fabric on the bolt and the same also applied for the outer border. I also found that when I came to put the backing on, it had a huge flaw in it and I'd left it too long (and lost the receipt) to take it back.

I also laid out the squares prior to joining to try and balance the colours and it's only now in the final photograph that I can see the purples aren't evenly distributed. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh! Lol.

Anyway, I asked my sister if she wanted it to use as a cosy lap quilt in the winter and she said "yes please!".