Katherine's Dabblings

Sunday, 29 June 2008


OH now has an allotment and bought two white
tin mugs for the purpose of refreshments. Alcohol
inks and hey presto, white no longer. Although, I
think I could only be enticed down there if the
one for me had some alcohol on the inside as well
as the outside! Lol!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

I dare you.................

Nicks organised a swap called "I dare you" with groups of five people. Each person in the group then sets a challenge to the other four. The idea is to get the others to do/work with something that they are not familiar with.
Dee challenged me to make a house using colours I wouldn't normally use. Well, I dont use a lot of pink or green so that's what I chose. The house is made from mountboard, painted and stamped. The heart and flourish are made from grungeboard. An embossed copper roof and three metal zip tags saying home, heart and abode finished it off.

Sian challenged me to make a house not using stamps or any moulded pieces. This was a challenge as I'm very fond of stamps and clay heads! Lol! Again the house is made from mountboard with an embossed copper roof. Painted a base coat of copper (no surprise there then!) and painted on a diagonal through sequin waste on the left and then just swirled the colours together on the right. Now I really liked the swirly paint bit so didn't want to cover it up too much so once the altered wooden frame with a picture of the lady of the house was added I just finished it off with some rusty bells.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Mesh, mesh and more mesh

These are ATCs for Sians Mesh Swap. My old favourites, clay and friendly plastic came out to play. Lol! I'd seen Liz Welch doing a demo on Youtube and wanted to have a go and the oozing through method on the hearts. Although, some stampboard and copper were used also. Wanted to use my new etching tool on the stampboard. Was really easy to use in comparison to the pricking tool I had previously tried to do it with. Rofl! I just need to practise a lot more with it!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Altered wooden box

Nicks http://nicksartystuff.blogspot.com/ very kindly did a mini workshop in preparation for a new venture http://yourcreativejourney.blogspot.com/ we altered a wooden box with paint and a piece of embossed metalwork. Now the metalwork has intrigued me for ages but with Nick's expert and patient tuition, I now understand how to do it. Thank you Nicks! Loved the workshop so much that when I got home I got straight on the internet and ordered the tools. Oh, and Nicks does a wonderful lunch too!