Katherine's Dabblings

Saturday, 4 June 2011

A Canvas Clock

Or rather a canvas with a clock on it.  Lol.

A friend saw some paper/fabric on a craft stall so we decided we'd have a go ourselves.  It's jam pot muslin covered with pva and then has tissue paper worked onto it so it can be as smooth or as textured as you like.  Coloured with colour washes and spritzed with some glimmer mists.

My smooth piece I decided to use as a background on a canvas and then bits and bobs added.  There are three squares which are faux carnival glass.  One worked better than the others but seeing as though I'd made them, they were going on!  Lol.


Fuchsia said...

Spectacular piece of work Katherine
its a joy xxx

Netty said...

Oh wow Katherine your piece is totally awesome with such great colours. Annette x

Debs said...

Awesome! Lots of yummy pieces and even better when click to enlarge xx

sparkles said...

A gorgeous time piece. Love the colours and the idea
Sparkles x