Katherine's Dabblings

Friday, 11 July 2008

A birthday gift

for Nicks. It's a box that I bought in a little craft shop in Morecambe. The box is hinged at the bottom and opens out into two compartments. Covered the whole thing in decopatch paper and then applied loads of tat! Lol!


Sherry said...

It's beautiful Katherine - what a lucky girl Nicks is! It's hard to believe that's decopatch - looks like it has so much texture. Brilliant!

Nicks said...

How awesome is this????

Thank you Katherine I will treasure it always, love it to bits!!

Sian said...

It's absolutely brilliant! I love it!!!

DF - Heidi said...

it is totally stunningly awesome i have seen it in the flesh and errrm it fell into my bag as i left haha